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Welcom to MS Cellz

MS Cellz

MS Cellz is a retail cell phone shop. It is a Houston based local business, and we are cordially willing to expand it online as well. Of course it’s our pleasure to have you here. . . . Thank You Very Much

MS Cellz

International Phone Recharge

You are American resident, while your relatives or friends are somewhere else? No problem, you can pay their phone bills from here. MS Cellz is connected to almost all well-known cell phone companies on the globe.

Phone & Utility Bill Payment

No matter which phone or utility service you are using, you can pay all bills here. Witin United States, we are connected to almost all phone & utility service providers.

All Sales are Final

MS Cellz have absolute “No Return Policy”In some exceptional cases MS Cellz can give 50%  of total sale in  store credit.

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